Are screen protectors worth spending money?

Are screen protectors worth spending money?

After all the above discussion, one question must be popping in your mind is whether they are actually necessary or worth spending? So the answer is yes absolutely, they are necessary to protect our expensive phones from outside dirt and other things. They are worth spending. Since we buy expensive phones, it is our duty to protect them. It is not possible for everyone to spend on phones again and again. So as we all know prevention is always better. Hence these screen protectors. While spending so much on expensive cells, one can spend a little extra on these and prevent the mobiles from any kind of damage.

Remember it is always good to put these and live a tension free life rather than repairing the mobile again and again. Thus the protector is very beneficial and has large number of properties. It not only makes the device anti-glare but also prevents it from abrasions.

should opt for screen protectors

Here are a few more reasons why you should opt for screen protectors.

  1. They make your screen scratch resistant. This is a very important feature. Often in old cells we notice lot of scratches on the main screen because of continuous use. If you want to make sure that your mobile looks new even after many years, then try fixing these.
  2. The protectors are anti microbial. Many people complain of some microbial growth on their cell phones. This can be because of moisture. This gives bad odour and leads to disruption in viewing. Most of the protectors are anti microbial and prevent your mobile from catching such bacteria.
  3. The protectors provide protection from UV rays. It is found that excessive exposure of mobile to UV rays can affect one’s eyes. The rays are reflected from the screen to the users eyes and can cause damage to it. But after fixing protectors, they do not let the UV rays to enter user’s eyes. Thus protecting them from harmful rays.
  4. Generally these screens are hydrophobic so they prevent the entry of water in it. Thus even if by mistake your mobile comes in contact with water, it won’t be affected much and will remain good.

It is important that you buy for a good screen protector. Lastly the quality of screen protector is very important. Always go for a higher quality one even though it might be slightly expensive.